People warned to take extra care as NRH manpower over stretched

Honiara residents have been asked to take extra care of themselves and their families as more frontline health workers were infected with covid-19 in past days.

An additional 16 nursing staff at the National Referral Hospital were tested positive for covid-19 Tuesday this week in addition to the more than 50 already in isolation.

Health and Medical Services Minister, Dr. Culwick Togamana on Tuesday confirmed that the NRH is overstretched in terms of human resource.

“More staff are becoming sick from the 50 plus announced to have tested positive for COVID-19 earlier as an additional 16 staff were diagnosed with covid early this week”

Dr. Togamana

Decontamination work is continuing at the hospital with infection, prevention and control measures for both staff and patients enhanced.

As a result of the current uncertain situation, Health Authorities have advised people to stay at home to reduce chances of catching and spreading the virus and to avoid other general illnesses and accidents.

A surge capacity to bring in additional manpower for both medical and administration at the NRH is underway to fill the current shortage.

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