PM encourages former COVID patients to be vaccinated

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has encouraged the 18 former COVID-19 positive patients to come forward to take their vaccination.

Speaking during his nationwide address on Monday this week, the Prime Minister reached out to the former positives stating that the vaccination will keep their antibody levels high and protect them from any possible reactivation of the disease.

“As you are aware, we have released a total of 18 former positive people back to their homes. Most of the 18 people have completed their 3-month follow-up,” he said.

The Prime Minister said Health authorities are also continuing to follow-up on those that were released less than 3 months ago with some coming in for their follow up, swabbing and testing this week.

I take this time to thank all the former positive people for their cooperation with health authorities. Your actions are sincerely appreciated as we all join hands to protect our population,” he said. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare said there are 248 people residing in the various quarantine stations following the 17 new arrivals on Friday 16 April and the release of 36 people from the quarantine stations.

– OPMC Press


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