PM sets record straight about the alleged kidnapped of Hon. Detke and late Garo during the ethnic tension

HON. Prime minister responded to the reasons stated by Hon. Wale in the article “Wale calls for PM to resign over allegations of conspiracy to murder“. 

According to his response, he strongly condemned the allegation and referred to it as blatantly false. He stressed that rebirthing of such an issue only points to one thing and that is to tarnish his good reputation and therefore, challenges HON. Wale and those who accused him to man up and proved it in court. “No one is above the law”, said the Prime Minister.

He acknowledged that he saw the video himself. 

It was circulated on social media a few months ago where a journalist recorded Moses Su’u a former MEF commander talking about what he saw and PMs involvement in the matter.

Weeks after the video came out, the ex MEF commander, Su’u, was called in and reconciliation has been reached. PM said, Su’u acknowledged that there is no element of truth in what he said in the video.

The real story according to the PM is that the two (Garo and Detke) have been dragged into their office by armed  militants; they were shocked by the commotion and not aware of what’s going on. He said,  I asked the militants what is going on and they said they are going to have them killed. 

The PM instead embraced the two MPs and plead for their survival; asking the militants to spare their lives.

In his(PM) response to the issues raised by the motion movers in parliament,  he described his innocence in the following words and I quote:

” Without our direct and quick (very risky) intervention they(Late HON. John Garo and Hon. Bodo Detke) would have been killed on that day.”

Hon. Sogavare, Solomon Islands Prime Minister

I saved the late Hon. Garo and Detke NOT conspire to have them killed.

The crimes labeled against me(PM) are very serious in nature and if I committed them I should already be in jail. The reason I’m here today proves my innocence.


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