PM Sogavare highlights unity on Isabel day

The Unity and future of Solomon Islands’ as a nation hinges on the understanding that Isabel Province like all other provinces is established under the Provincial Government Act.

Prime Minister Manasseh Damukana Sogavare emphasized “Unity” today as guest of honour at the Isabel Province’s Second Appointed Day Celebrations in Buala.

Speaking on this year’s theme “Strengthening Links in the Changing Circumstances for a Vibrant Isabel,” the Prime Minister said, Provinces must work with the National Government.

“37 years ago, Isabel Province became a province, and has remained an important and integral part of Solomon Islands to this very day”, Prime Minister Sogavare said.

Highlighting the importance of a united Solomon Islands, the Prime Minister said, “Section 114 of our National Constitution provides that Solomon Islands shall be divided into Honiara City and Provinces.”

It is also important to understand the relationship between the national government and provincial governments for a united Solomon Islands into the future.

Prime Minister Sogavare acknowledge the partnership the Isabel provincial government has with the national government.

Isabel province as an agent of the National Government must continue the good work of initiating developments and complimenting the national government in service delivery.

On government policies, Government has launched the Commodities Export Marketing Authority Revitalization and Recapitalization Strategy, which it believes, will benefit Isabel province.

On this, he said, government officers are at Gozoruru today to assess the facility there. The government plans to have Gozoruru up and running early next year.

The potential of Isabel Province to a significant player in our economic recovery and sustainability programs is huge with more than 40, 000 hectares of government land under the custodianship of the province.

On Isabel’s contribution, the Prime Minister highlighted, the province has offered one of its own to serve as the current Governor General.

He adds, the province has also produced some of the finest leaders, not only in the government circle but also most notably in the churches and private sector.

Prime Minister Sogavare adds, Isabel Province is second only to Western Province in the production of round logs. From an economic perspective, this is good but the government is concerned about unsustainable logging and social problems now on the rise.

In downstream processing, the increasing trend of milling licenses in Isabel Province from each quarter of 2020 is reassuring.

In Agriculture, the Prime Minister announced, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is building an office complex in Buala. It will house all programs and projects under the agriculture sector.

Prime Minister Sogavare further assure Premier Kikolo and the people of Isabel Province, the government already has plans to explore tourism in the Kia/Wagina straits. DCGA is committed to working with the Isabel Provincial government in realizing this.

He adds the Isabel Province’s plan to realign Fera Airstrip along the length of the island to cater for Dash 8 size aircraft is under active consideration and in line with the national infrastructure development programs.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare also visited Buala Hospital late this afternoon (Thursday 3rd), wrapping up his official engagements in Buala.

An official dinner to wrap up the Isabel provincial Second Appointed Day celebration is hosted by the Premier of Isabel Province this evening.

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