PM Sogavare survives no-confidence vote against him


AFTER a dramatical debate of the no-confidence vote against Prime Minister (PM) Manasseh Damukana Sogavare that was moved by the leader of opposition Mathew Wale on the floor of parliament on Monday the 5th of December 2021, Prime Minister managed to survive it.

The result came after Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) that was led by PM Sogavare won with a total number of 32 voters, whilst the opposition side was defeated with a total of 15 voters.

Speaking during the debate of the no-confidence vote, Prime Minister Sogavare has strongly urged the leader of opposition and his members not to elevate false allegations against him thus accusing him of being a corrupt leader.

He said it’s enough of stirring such false allegations against him trying to tarnish his reputation as he is the current Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

“I was elected by the people of Solomon Islands as their prime minister through their Members of Parliament (MPS) that they have voted in the national parliament house in 2019 polls,” PM Sogavare articulated.

He said the DCGA government led by him was mandated to protect the sovereignty of Solomon Islands and as well to serve the people of Solomon Islands adequately.

The DCGA government will never fail in the hands of those who hunger for power, because our actions are rooted in the democratic principles, PM Sogavare expressed.

“I thanked the members of the national executive to stand firmly with me as their leader which showcased our solidarity,” he expressed his appreciation towards his supportive members.

Therefore, we should be working together to build Solomon Islands, not accusing each other but instead to create unity amongst each other as elected leaders who represent the people of this country, PM Sogavare urged all members of parliament during the no-confidence debate.

Furthermore, the leader of opposition Mathew Wale has stated that the no-confidence vote is about the looting at the top that brings all this uncertainty we have experienced.

The opposition leader explained, it was because of the deceptive behavior of Prime Minister Sogavare that gives birth to such lawless activities we have experienced during the recent unrest.

“Actually we all don’t want these kinds of lawless behavior to occur but because of the people’s disagreement with the leadership thus it brings our country to its knees,” Mr. Wale expressed.

He articulated that it is a state capture, meaning a minority of groups doing things for their own interests, but not for the interests of all indigenous Solomon Islanders.

“Because of the looting at the top school fees are expensive, because the looting at the top, the National Referral Hospital has patience lying on the floor, because the looting at the top roads are in such a terrible state, and because the looting at the top perpetuates the massive transfer pricing of logging and mining industries.”

People are truly not happy with the unfulfilled promises, the opposition leader explained during the no-confidence debate.

However, all the accusations raised by the leader of opposition Honorable Mathew Wale had not even convinced the majority of the members of parliament during the no-confidence vote.


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