PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare said COVID-19 is not a game but a serious disease.

Prime Minister Sogavare highlighted this when he expressed his disappointment as a result of carelessness and dishonesty by some returning citizens.

“We have established that some returning citizens have not been truthful when filling in their risk assessment forms. As a result, they have put this country at risk because of their decisions to provide inaccurate information just so they can be allowed to board the flights,” he said.

The Prime Minister said it is the solemn duty of every Solomon Islander returning home to protect this country.

“That simply means to answer truthfully to the questions in the risk assessment forms.”

Therefore, the Prime Minister has appealed to citizens still overseas to take heed of this.

“I am very sad to say that the Covid-19 infection has been brought into our country as a result of carelessness and dishonesty. I cannot allow this detestable attitude to continue. Covid-19 is not a game. It is a serious disease,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said the government will not repatriate citizens that are found to have dishonestly engage in this manner.

“To those of you waiting to come home, I ask you to think of the safety of your families and your country and do the right thing. Be truthful in your answers to the risk assessment forms that you will fill in. Be assured, we will find out if any information provided is not truthful,” he said.

The Prime Minister cautioned that those who knowingly lie will face the consequences of their actions.


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