Police appeal to the public to stay out from Chinatown and burnt down infrastructures at Ranadi area

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is appealing to the public to stay away from and out of Chinatown and other burnt down infrastructure in the Ranadi area.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ms Juanita Matanga said this would help so that important forensic police work could take place, and a clean-up of the affected areas, which are contaminated with hazardous materials, could to commence safely. 

DC Matanga said citizens should avoid these areas if they have no reason to be in the area due to risks to public health and safety.

“Please stay out of these locations. Let the responsible authorities clean up those areas while the police provide security and a safe cordon for forensics and insurance investigators,” DC Matanga said.  

“There are risks of falling timber and steel, and citizens in the area may come into contact with hazardous materials or inhale dust.

“We need the community to allow authorities to do their jobs without public disturbance while they undertake various tasks in the areas concerned.”  

Ms Matanga acknowledged the support and strength of the citizens of Honiara during the riots, burning and looting of shops last week. 

“This is our country and we need to work together in that kind of spirit, but it is vital the communication between the community and police continue if they are concerned about anything they see or hear,” she said.

“As normality gradually returns, I appeal to our community to work together with the police who are dealing with those involved in the protests last week.”


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