Police arrest seven suspects for homebrew related incident in Western Province

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) in Gizo have arrested seven suspects for homebrew related incidents at Barakoma Village in Vella la Vella Island, Western Province on 17 January 2021.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Western Province, Inspector Wilken Miriki says, “Two suspects were charged with illegal brewing of homebrew (Island rum) and five others were charged with two counts. One for common nuisance and the others for consumption of Liquor.”
Inspector Miriki says, “The arrest happened after chairman of Barakoma committee reported the matter to Gizo police on 16 of January 2021. Police mount a small operation on the 17 of January 2021 and left Gizo to Vella la Vella Island.”

PPC Miriki says, “The team arrived at Vonunu and they were assisted by community members to identify the seven (7) suspects. During investigation police conducted awareness talk focusing on homebrew, marijuana, domestic violence and sexual offences.”

Supervising PPC Mrirki says, “I would like to appreciate the committee for their support. The way they encourage and mentor their young generation to become good citizen in Western Province. I kindly ask youths and those who have been used to consume homebrew to stop.”

Chairman of Barakoma, Pastor and other elders appreciate RSIPF officers during awareness and assured police that they will work closely with the police to stop homebrew and other illegal drugs in the communities.

Suspects will be appear in Gizo Magistrates’ Court on 22 February 2021 for their trial.


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