Police confiscates equipment’s for kwaso brewing in Temotu province

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at Lata in Temotu Province have confiscated equipment used for brewing kwaso (homebrew) at Lata on the 20 December 2021.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Temotu Province Superintendent James Toaki says, “Police arrived at the scene and confiscated a nine kilogram cylinder used for distilling kwaso and two buckets containing homebrew.

PPC Toaki says, “When the police arrived at the location, the suspect appeared armed with a weapon and looking very aggressive. He evaded police after some arguments even though the police invited.”

Superintendent Toaki says, “I want to thank the communities for working together with the Police towards this successful raid and acknowledge the hard work done by my officers.”

Mr. Toaki further stated that we are now in the festive season and people of Temotu must think of better ways to celebrate during this Christmas and New Year celebrations.”

He says, “Anyone who behaves badly during the festive season in the communities will be dealt with by the police.”

Mr. Toaki advised all Temotuans to work together to look after our communities so we can make it a good place to live and enjoy this Christmas.


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