Police protest threat concerns Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader, Hon. Matthew Wale is urging the government to seriously address the threats frontline police Officers have made, to stop carrying out their duties if their $500 allowances were not paid. 

Hon. Wale said by allowing the Police to protest, poses high risk to the country, especially when the number of infected cases is increasing.

The Opposition Leader said frontline officers are responsible for monitoring and attending to all quarantine issues including security related matters, and to disregard their proposed sit-in protest will be risky to the on-going work to prevent the virus from spreading. 

On the ceasing of allowances, Wale is asking the government to explain why the Police Officers’ allowance payments were stopped without explanations. 

“It is important that our hard working officers are treated fairly and they should be informed of any changes to allowance payments. It is also sad that the government fails to prioritise people who put their life on the line for the safety of our people.  

“Having the services of front-line officers is the key to protecting and preventing the virus from spreading, and to forget their dedication shows the low priority by the government in protecting citizens of this country,” says Hon. Wale. 

Hon. Wale said the fight against the virus in the country needs the support of Police officers to compliment other agencies, who also worked tirelessly to contain the virus. 

He further stated that it is irresponsible for the government to turn a blind eye on the importance of paying the allowances so that the officers continue to do their work. 

“I therefore call on the government to urgently address the issue with the Police Officers without delay. The contribution by the Police Officers in the fight, cannot be underestimated and the government should treat this sit-in protest as a serious issue,” the Opposition Leader adds. 

Hon. Wale on the other hand, acknowledges the hard work and contributions by the Police Officers through their important role played alongside other people who serve the nation and her people.