By PARU, Malaita Province

Premier Suidani of Malaita province cautions the national government on its intension to extend the life of the current parliament from 4 to 5 years.

As has been shared on the local social media the Prime Minister has presented a Cabinet paper not long ago seeking for the extension of the life of the current parliament from 4 to 5 years and that Cabinet have agreed on the proposal.

Premier Suidani said that he sees no reasonable reasons why the life of the current parliament has to be extended. He said that the reasons stated in the Cabinet paper as shared on the social media have no fundamental groundings to necessitate an amendment to an important aspect of our Constitution and the governance of the country.

The reasons and obligations stated by the PM can still be dealt with within the 4 years period of the life of this parliament. Things like the implementation of the TRC report and the Federal Government System are matters that have been around for sometimes. Should the government be serious about these matters it should have addressed thema long time ago.

In any case there is the principle of government continuity and that such fundamental matters would take more than one political government to implement.
Premier Suidani said that he is very doubtful that this issue is even part of the much promoted DCGA policy redirection. The way this whole thing is put together is no different from how DCGA has handled the diplomatic switch policy. It started from nowhere but ended up occupying much of government’s time. Let’s not keep on repeating unpopular decisions because our people are fed up with this kind of decision making.

The Premier encourages the government to implement its policy redirection rather than engaging in something that benefits no one. There are so much dislocations in the development of this country and the government should concentrate on addressing these development issues rather than making an amendment that will not benefit no one but the political leaders.



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