Premier Suidani calls for ban on mauripan yeast

Malaita Provincial Government Press

The premier of Malaita Province Daniel Suidani is calling on the national government to come up with decisive actions to deal with Kwaso the locally made homebrew alcohol.

The premier is concerned because it seemed the government has not done much in dealing with this very devastating problem.
“We know that the police has been trying their best to tackle the social and criminal effects of Kwaso in our communities.

“But to be fair it’s a losing battle for the police, they cannot do much in addressing an issue that has been growing and causing problems after problems in our communities.”

The premier called on the national government to look into the idea of banning Mauripan Yeast from the public.

“Mauripan Yeast as we know is the key catalyst in the making of Kwaso.

“Putting a ban on the product from being accessible by the general public could go a long way in reducing the production of this community devastating drug kwaso.”

“Instead the government should only allow the importation of self-rising flour and also licensed the access and use of Mauripan Yeast in the country.

“There may be other forms of yeasts and ways to produced homebrewed alcohol but I believe they are not as prevalent and accessible as Mauripan Yeast.

“A ban on the product and limiting its access through a license regime could reduce the production of kwaso in our communities.

“The government had been talking about dealing with Facebook through legislations and event threatened to ban Facebook.
“It should equally do the same for Kwaso and other harmful drugs like Marijuana that are causing a lot of trouble in our communities.

“Any laws meant to address these issues should criminalize all aspects of the production, selling, consumption and trafficking of the drug.

“It is time to make tougher laws to penalize those that have caused so much trouble to our communities.

“It is also time the government must work with other concern stakeholders including the provincial governments to develop appropriate education programs targeting at dealing with these issues. Using the police alone has not worked and will never solve the problem.

“If there is need for stronger laws then the government needs to create them.

“If there is need for education then the government needs to come up with programs to educate the people about these deadly things.

“The government needs to be serious in addressing these issues or the country may risk becoming an unattractive destiny for visitors because of the prevalence of disorder in our communities.”



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