Premier Suidani joined the opposition leader calling on the commissioner of police to conduct investigation into the allegations made against PM


In a call in support of the Opposition Leader, Premier Daniel Suidani of Malaita Province further called on the Commissioner of Police and other investigation authorities under the laws of the country to conduct investigations into the allegations made against the Prime Minister in his involvement in the abduction of Hon Bodo and late Garo.

The revelations made in regards to this serious matter ironically includes the Prime Minister himself who during the recent motion of confidence effectively said he knew of the abduction.

The laws of this country must be applied fairly and equally to all crimes and to all citizens regardless of one’s status. The revelations made by the PM followed by the paid advertisement by Hon Bodo on the local newspaper on this allegations is more than enough for the responsible authorities to act.

The Premeir highlighted that the laws of the country has to be applied to meet the highest ideals set out by our laws and to safeguard the place of law in Solomon Islands society.

Furthermore, the rule of law must and cannot be applied in a way that would be seen by our citizens as being bias towards certain people of our society.

The Premier raised that, “If the police is able to arrest and put into custody 200 plus people on allegations of their involvement in the recent riots. The police must put the same energy and alertness into investigating the allegations made against the Prime Minister that the Prime Minister himself revealed that he know about and played a part in it”.


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