What will the government achieve by banning face book from the country? So many people included the premier cannot see any better reasons to ban the world’s most popular social network from SI.

It should be plain and clear to the national government and the cabinet that complains seen on Facebook is a reflection of people’s frustration towards the government. Especially on how the government is running the affairs of the country. It is a simple fact in life that one cannot be their own judge.

Cabinet need not to go to Pluto or to the Moon to see why people say the things they said on social media like Facebook. People are no longer ignorant of the issues surrounding them and they are frustrated because their concerns have not been listen to for a long time. That is the simple truth.

It is not a question of using other media plat forms as the government may like to say. But rather it is the question of how do we ensure we use our responsibilities as leaders in a fairer way to help our people use these platforms more appropriately.

Transparency and accountability that we leaders have talked so much about is a two way process and that there is no one way traffic in a democratic society.

Do not go into public life and make laws and decisions for your own good or for your own protection as is seen with the banning of Facebook.

Doing this will only lead to further frustrations. You can be guaranteed that going against your people will only leads to failures.

It is time the leaders and especially the government learn to listen to our people and address the issues raised and discussed on the many local Facebook pages.

Times have change and the demand for change in leadership attitude and style is real.

That is really the call for us leaders of today.