Premier Suidani rejects claims of US support for Motion of no Confidence

The Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani, wishes to set the public record straight that at no time has he being supported by any outside agents including the US to defeat the motion of no confidence recently been moved against him.

There are those who spread rumors among our communities that if it were not for the support of outsiders including the US, the Premier would have lost the motion against him.

But the Premier would like to say to the critics that the MARA government stand to defeat the motion is not based on monetary value. Rather it is based on the willingness to uphold what is right and good for the people of Malaita who mandated us elected people to stand for them.

The MARA government wants to send a clear message to those that still believe in money politics that MARA is about doing what is right for the people and not about private gains. If you think your money can break the bond of unity amongst the members of the MARA government then you are wrong. How long must we entertain such devilish practices to the detrimental of our people?

The Premier therefore called on all Malaitans of all works of life to think first about our place and provide the necessary support that would help with the development of our province.

Malaita province cannot develop if you still hold on to the bad practices that have hindered development of the province. This is not the time to point fingers at others but rather point your finger at yourself and ask who am I in the development of Malaita Province.