A total of long serving 18 public officers has successfully completed another round of the Public Service Retirement Planning (PSRP) training this week (24th– 25th August, 2021). 

The participants are selected officers from Ministry of Health and Medical Services and Ministry of Police National Security and Correctional Services who are above 50 years old and nearing their retirement age.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service Mr. Nego Sisiolo in his opening remarks salute the officer’s demonstration of ‘spirit of service’ as they serve in the public service over the years. 

He highlighted that the long serving officers have developed an attitude of loyalty service, hence this quality is an important trait to be used once they leave the public service sector, whether it be community leadership roles, church work or private entrepreneurship. 

“MPS thank the government line ministries and the private sector for working in partnership to ensure this long serving public officers are empowered with information’s, set of skills, funding access know-how, management capabilities and more to pursue further as individuals when exiting the office,” Mr. Sisiolo remarked. 

The training module included guest speakers- technical officers from the Resource and Productive sectors such as the Ministry of Forestry and Research, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Pasifiki HR and other motivational speakers.

A participant, Guadalcanal Province Chief Health Promotion Officer, Mr. Aloysius Vakeke said they are thankful for the timely training and the information sessions from the presenters. 

“It further expand and clarify our understanding on how one can able to access funding’s, correlations of bank institutions and projects and others schemes to try out in the agriculture, fisheries etc sector.” 

The Separation Unit in the MPS is the central body for the implementation of these program and facilitated by Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM).

IPAM Director Mr. Solomon Manea said the workshop is aimed at assisting the public officers to venture into small and medium business enterprises to help grow the economy. 

Mr. Manea said many opportunities awaits them as they are about to leave the workforce and support private sector growth and contribute to rural development.

This is a fulfilment of the Democratic coalition for Government Advancement (DCGA) redirection policy for social sector enabling public servants on retirement to support private sector growth and contribute to rural development.

PSRP module will be scheduled in the IPAM prospectus for next year and onwards. 

The workshop concluded with a brief presentation of certificates officiated by the Ministry of Public Service and Pastor Ellison Bako.


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