Public warned of false recruiting agents for work in Australia

The Australian High Commission Office in Solomon Islands has issued a warning to people seeking seasonal work in Australia against giving money to false recruiting agents.

The extremely popular seasonal workers scheme is attracting more and more locals with some even leaving permanent jobs to enter the Labour Mobility Scheme.

The Australian High Commission Office in Honiara says that they are receiving reports of individuals in Honiara falsely offering labour mobility jobs in Australia.

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But the Office says there are no agents registered in Solomon Islands to recruit for Seasonal Workers Program in Australia or the Pacific Labour Scheme.

“Please be wary of any individual claiming to facilitate work in Australia associated with “Kiwi Farms”, “Velish Farms”, “Steven Koplan” or “Steven Couplan”.

“Prospective workers should not, under any circumstances, pay money to individuals promising work.

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“Anyone who is approached by someone claiming to facilitate work in Australia in exchange for money, should contact the Labour Mobility Unit (21250) and RSIPF (22999) to report the incident.”