Quarantine Stations vacated

The Government-managed Quarantine Stations (QS) have been vacated as of this week after the recent batch of repatriated nationals completed their mandatory 14 days and 21 days quarantine period.
A statement from National Disaster Council said all quarantined persons have been released yesterday (19th August)
“Repatriated citizens and exempted foreigners in the recent government coordinated flights from Brisbane on the 29th July have completed the quarantine period in good health.
“Health Clinical and Surveillance teams have conducted 3 swab tests on each of the returnees’ duration of their stay and all lab result turned out negative.
“They were presented certificates of graduation for completing the process and no sign of being asymptomatic,” the NDC statement explains.
The NDC statement said that these returnees are part of the 5th major batch of government coordinated repatriation flights from overseas.
“Health Decontamination team and limited housekeeping services now continues cleaning of the rooms whilst Camp Management with support from National Emergency Operation Centre to resource the stations awaiting further repatriation flights as per their Standard Operation Procedure.”
So far, a total of 813 nationals (dozens of foreigners exempted for essential services) have entered the country under the ongoing Government coordinated repatriation flights. The country’s Solomon Airlines has conducted a total of 8 repatriation flights to neighbouring Pacific Island countries since the declaration of the State of Public Emergency (SoPE) on 24th of March.
The NDC statement adds that quarantine period is extended to 21 days primarily for those citizens and exempted foreigners who come from countries with high virus infection rates.
In the meantime, Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) continues to lead the Government’s multi-sectoral approach to stem COVID-19 infiltration on our shores. All government agencies and stakeholders are providing the required support through the National Disaster Operations Committee (N-DOC) and Provincial Disaster Operations Committee (P-DOC) Sectors.
N-DOC Camp Management Sector Committee continues to manage all the government approved Quarantine Stations in Honiara and Western Province.
Upcoming repatriation flights as approved by COVID-19 Oversight Committee for our stranded nationals overseas is set for 23rd July, from Samoa.