Red Cross Handover Items to Correctional Services Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Red Cross Society has handed over most needed items to assist Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSSI).

The items will go towards easing some of the challenges currently faced by the CSSI in its work looking after correctional inmates. Likewise, this is to ease the challenges the institution has been faced with and is requiring urgent help from stakeholders.

The items handedover to the CSSI includes 400 inmates’ trousers and shirts, 150 towels, 400 food containers, 200 plastics spoons, 1 carton plastic cups, 20 heaters, 30 torches, 50 pillows and blankets, 50 sleeping mats, 50 bale toilet papers and 50 medi-care bath soap. Other items include 30 cartons of Axion washing paste, 20 colgate, 10 tooth brush, 50 brooms, 40 deck brooms, 55 mops and 60 personal first aid kits. The National Society (NS) also provides support with 3 mobile phone to assist inmates with linking and communicating with their family members with their loved ones living in the rural areas, especially during this COVID-19 period.

In highlighting the assistance, the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society Secretary General Mr. Clement Manuri stressed that the National Society is proud to be facilitating this support from the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to the Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSSI). 

“Solomon Islands Red Cross on behalf of the International Committee of Red Cross to handover these goods this afternoon. We hope these items will help in the work of the CSSI helping individual inmates at the correctional centre”, Mr. Manuri said. The Secretary General also mentioned that the National Society looks forward to continue to maintain this cordial relationship and partnership with the CSSI.

“I hope we will continue to maintain this cordial relationship. The ICRC is also very happy to be assisting in supplying these items”, Mr. Manuri further added.

Meanwhile, the Correctional Service Solomon Islands Commissioner Mr. Gabriel Manelusi also highlighted the institution’s gratitude to the International Committee of the Red Cross and the National Society for the great help and assistance. 

“Thank you, Secretary General and your executive members, here at the Solomon Islands Red Cross for facilitating this help from the ICRC. On behalf of the Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) executive members and the government we would like to acknowledge and thank you. partnership we have built.”, Mr. Manelusi stressed. He also added that the partnership the CSSI has with the Red Cross is very important. 

“Likewise, CSSI is also thankful for the partnership we have. This is very important to the Correctional Service given the unexpected need that have resulted from the recent situation we have experienced. The recent unrest have increased the challenge for the CSSI and for which the institution have requested the ICRC for support for which we are now witnessing today”, Mr. Manelusi added. 


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