Miss Solomon Islands stripped of her title

The Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP) Committee met last week and made a decision on 14th April 2021 to terminate Gladys Habu as Miss Solomon Islands 2019/20.  The decision was mutually agreed on based on the following reasons;

• Use of Miss SI title to secure contracts and financial benefit without due consideration or involvement of MSIP committee and Solomon Host as exclusive owners of MSIP Franchise.  MSIP is a charity-based event and any contracts involving a reigning Miss Solomon Islands should consider contributing to the cause of MSIP. In this case, Ms. Habu totally disregarded MSIP and Solomon Host, signing lucrative deals with various organizations including Bulk Shop, Pasifiki Coconut, UNDP and others and using the proceeds from these for her own use.

• Continuous disregard and lack of cooperation in refusing to attend Solomon Host Events due to her ‘other priorities’.  As the reigning Miss Solomon Islands, Ms. Habu does not respect the authority and owners of MSIP Franchise from which Miss Solomon Islands is a product.

• Miss Solomon Islands term is only 12 months and had lapsed in December 2020.  However due to the Corona virus we intended to extend her reign until the next MSIP, hopefully towards end of the year.  We have now decided to terminate her title as per her initial reigning period.

Without the hard work and efforts of Solomon Host and MSIP committee there is no Miss Solomon Islands.  Therefore we wish to remind all future Miss Solomon Islands that they will need to render due respect and cooperation to our organization as organizers and owners of the Miss Solomon Islands franchise.

We thank Ms. Habu for her time as Miss SI 2019/20 and wish her well in her future endeavors.

– Joyce E Konofilia, Director MSIP Board Member MPIP, CEO Solomon Host, (M Ad.Tour, UQ)


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