Renovation of TB into Isolation ward at NRH set to kick off

The renovation of the current Tuberculosis (TB) ward at the eastern end of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) is set for take-off following the signing of the work contact between the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), Finance and Treasury (MoFT) and the contractor, CCCECC South Pacific (Solomon) Limited, today morning (9th March).

This initiative to renovate and transform the current TB ward into an isolation ward is part of the overall COVID-19 preparedness and response plan of the Ministry of Health and was made possible through funding support from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as part of its support towards the country’s ongoing efforts against the COVID-19 global pandemic.
At the signing, MoFT Permanent Secretary Mr Dentana McKinnie, said that MoFT is pleased to have facilitated the necessary paper work to get the actual renovation work to start.

Renovation of TB into Isolation ward at NRH set to kick off
Group photo after the signing of the work contract. Front row from left – MHMS PS Mrs Pauline McNeil, MoFT PS Mr Dentana McKinnie & Managing Director CCECC Mr Huang Pengfei with officials from MHMS and MoFT.

“The Ministry is indeed pleased to have provided support with facilitation of the necessary and relevant paper work required as we have seen the significant role isolation wards have contributed towards the country’s success in containing the virus and so far till this day prevented any community transmission”.
Health Permanent Secretary Mrs Pauline McNeil also echoed similar sentiments around the importance of Isolation wards. “It is important to note that isolation wards are important facilities not only for COVID-19 but for all other infectious diseases from the sick patients to health workers, other sick patients at the hospital and the general public”,
“As such, the isolation ward will not only be used for COVID-19 patients but also other patients with infectious diseases such as TB, measles or any future pandemics similar to COVID-19”, explained Mrs McNeil.

Renovation of TB into Isolation ward at NRH set to kick off
Current TB ward at NRH that will be renovated into an isolation ward

She added that in this sense, the ministry is both responding to COVID-19 and taking advantage of the opportunities that comes along with it to improve and increase health services, upgrade its infrastructures and build capacity of its human resources. “This has all along been a major agenda of the Ministry with this COVID-19 pandemic”, stated Mrs McNeil.
Mrs McNeil expressed appreciation to the MoFT team for their support and wished the contractor all the best with the work as the ministry is looking forward to the completion of the renovation.
Managing Director of CCCECC South Pacific (Solomon) Limited, Mr Huang Pengfei in signing the contract assured that work will now commence and will be completed in six (6) weeks time.
“A pleasure indeed to be engaged for this very important task and be assured that we will work to our best to get in done in six weeks time”.