Repatriates finish quarantine period in good health

All the returning nationals who undergo the 14-days mandatory quarantine period have received a clean bill of health and were cleared by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to leave the Institutional Quarantine Facilities this week.
The returnees and exempted foreigners (150) who are the second group of repatriated passengers on May 26th and May 27th are all declared healthy, showing no signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).
Upon their release from the IQF’s, each person was presented a certificate of graduation by the Health Authority and Camp Management.
Chair of Health Sector, Dr Nemia Bainivalu confirms that the quarantine persons have adhered to the regulations and in good health condition and are now release to their reunite with their family and friends.
Same also for those exempted foreigners who will continue render their essential services on national project sites and diplomatic offices.
During the course of the 14-days quarantine, Surveillance Team has been on the front line conducting regular monitoring in all IQF’s for prompt clinical management should a person develop COVID-19 symptom like illness.
It has also been noted that the integrations between the health quarantine team and clinical team has improved during the repatriation operations and quarantine period.
Next repatriation flight for stranded nationals abroad by Solomon Airlines is set for June 30th. These are scheduled flights to Vanuatu and Fiji to pick up our graduating students.
Under a reviewed cabinet decision through the Oversight Committee, the quarantine period has been reduced to the usual 14-days from the initial 28-days.
In the meantime, National Disaster Operations Committee (N-DOC) Sector Committees continues heightening their COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plans (PRP) focusing on broader socio-economic impacts at both the national and provincial levels.