Rove seafront retention wall demolished

The illegal retention wall at the Rove sea front has been demolished today, following authorization from the City Clerk Rence Sore.

City Clerk Sore said that there are procedures under HCC that must be adhered to and should be complied with.

“If anyone is interested to do any development of structures of any sort in the City, they have to follow the HCC procedures,” he said.

He said part of the procedure is to get an approval from the Planning and Development Board by providing a concept or site development plan

However the developer of the Rove sea front development have failed to submit their concept plan, resulting in their application for further development been rejected.

The Honiara City Council Planning Division has issued a “stop notice” on the 28th of February but was not complied with.

A first notice of “demolish and remove” was again submitted on the 10th of March but was again not adhered to by the developer.

With the developer not voluntarily complying with the notices, the HCC management through the City Clerk authorized the HCC Works Division, Planning division, Law Enforcement
division and legal office to demolish the structure.

This is a reminder to any developer to always comply with the ordinances and procedures of HCC in any development within the City to avoid such actions.

Rove seafront retention wall demolished
The demolition carried out by HCC today. Photo: HCC Media