RSIPF advice public and vessels of the curfew now revoked

The Governor-General of Solomon Islands, His Excellency has signed into effect a Declaration under the Preservation of Public Security Act and subsequent Regulations giving effect to the Declaration.

The Preservation of Public Security (No.2) Regulations 2021 (LN 334 of 2021) comes into force today and effectively declares a curfew revoked in Honiara commencing today 10 December 2021 by the Governor-General.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) calls on all citizens of Solomon Islands especially those living in Honiara Emergency Zone to be aware that the curfew has now been revoked. This applies to all vessels and those residing in the Emergency Zone area to move freely and do their businesses.

Commissioner Mr. Mostyn Mangau says, “I would like to thank those living in the Emergency Zone for your cooperation during the curfew period and to my hard working officers for the job well done.”


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