RSIPF calls for respect as festive season approaches

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) calls on all citizens of the capital Honiara to show respect for one another as the country approaches the festive season.

“RSIPF Commissioner Mostyn Mangau explains, “Our capital city is a place where people with different ethnic backgrounds live. As we approach the festive season, a lot of events will be organised by the different communities. Let us be responsible and show respect for one another.”

“This year has been a challenging one with the Emergency Zones under the COVID-19 State of Public Emergency current for Honiara and the western border region with Papua New Guinea but let us not forget our traditional ways of respect for one another.”

“I urge all the good citizens of the capital Honiara to respect the rule of law. Respect people’s lives and property as they are fundamental principles of our National Constitution,” says Commissioner Mangau.

He adds, “I commend the many communities in Honiara who had set up their crime prevention committees and establish by-laws to guide and protect their communities with neighbourhood watch groups that have been really helpful in assisting RSIPF to maintain law and order in the capital.”

“Police is working together with the communities as we approach the end of the year. I appeal to all residents to make sure you secure your houses and properties as well as businesses because unfortunately some criminal elements usually take advantage of the festive season when people attend community celebrations to break into houses and businesses as well as other property.”

“Please let your neighbour know if you are going out for the night. Let us look out for any unfamiliar people wandering around the neighbourhood and report them to the neighbourhood watch groups who will report them to the nearest police station. Police cannot be everywhere at the same time that is why it depends on members of the community to prevent crime,” says Commissioner Mangau

RSIPF is grateful to everyone who have assisted the police in Honiara city to maintain law and order during 2020. This includes the Honiara City Council, non-government organisations, business houses, the diverse ethnic groups, community leaders, church leaders and the residents.

“We look forward for the same cooperation in the coming years as the RSIPF continues to implement the Crime Prevention Strategy together with the members of the various Crime Prevention Committees set up in Honiara,” says Commissioner Mangau.