RSIPF calls on villagers at Solovae in North West Choiseul to stay out from a bomb

Police in Choiseul Province call on people at Solovae Village and surrounding communities in North West Choiseul to stay out from an unexploded bomb discovered on 8February 2021 near the Village.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Choiseul Province, Inspector Elliot Ngili says, “On 8February 2021 people from Solovae Village reported to police that they found a bomb in the bush above the Village.”

Supervising PPC Ngili says, “On 9February 2021 EOD trained officers at Taro Police Station went to the site of the bomb and discovered that an excavator had dug out the bomb.”

 “On observation, officers confirmed that the bomb is suspected to be a 2000-pound (907kilograms) High Explosive (H.E). The bomb is partly broken with some parts still containing explosives, which is still a high risk.”

Inspector Ngili says, “Police cleared the surrounding areas and cordoned the vicinity. Members of the local communities have been strongly advised to keep out from the area. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team of the RSIPF has been informed.”

“I call on the surrounding communities to keep out from the area and not to light any fires or and other igniting substances,” says Inspector Ngili.

– RSIPF Media


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