RSIPF checks vehicles in Renbel Province

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at the Tigoa Police Station in the Rennell Bellona Province together with officers from the Ministry Infrastructure Development (MID) are checking the status of vehicles in that Province this week.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander, Rennell Bellona Province, Eddie Peseika says, “The number of vehicles on Rennell and Bellona islands have increased over the past years but there’s no recent checks on the status of the vehicles including vehicle licenses, vehicle insurance and driver’s license.”

“With the help from an officer from the MID who arrived at Tigoa during the weekend my officers will be checking all vehicles on Rennell Island in the coming days and we will move to Bellona Island after.”

PPC Peseika adds: “I call on all vehicle owners and drivers to cooperate with the MID and police officers who will be conducting the traffic check to ensure that the vehicles and drivers adhere to the Traffic Act.”

“As there are no insurance companies operating in Renbel Province, police will give sometime for vehicle owners and drivers to renew their Third Party Insurance but this will be a matter that we can agree on with individual vehicle owners. After that vehicle owners are expected to be taken to task if they do not have any valid vehicle insurance,” says PPC Peseika.

He adds: “Renbel Province has recorded traffic accidents in the past and so we want to make sure that our vehicles are safe and are properly licensed to be on our roads.”

PPC Peseika held a meeting with the Premier of Rennell Bellona Province, Hon Willie Tuha and the Provincial Secretary Metcalf Puia today (9 March 2020) to brief the provincial government on the operation.