RSIPF clarifies seizure of medical equipment

The Acting Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Mostyn Mangau explains that the RSIPF Act 2013 gives police the powers to investigate any suspicious act by any citizen of Solomon Islands that might lead to the contravening of any laws of the country.

“When police is suspicious about certain actions of any citizens of this country that might lead to any contravening of our laws does not mean that those concerned citizens are guilty of any act. Only the Courts have the power to declare if anyone is guilty of any offence. But the role of the police is to investigate if there is suspicion that any action of any citizen of this country tantamount to any breaking of any of our laws,” says Acting Commissioner Mangau.

Acting Commissioner Mangau explains: “In the case of the alleged consignment of medical equipment to Malaita Province, there was a complaint to police that there is suspicion that the consignment, might have contravened one of the country’s laws and if RSIPF could investigate. The suspicion included the fact that the consignment was addressed to a person with a post office box to a person who lived at Kaibia Settlement in Honiara and the sender’s address was not proper. Furthermore the consignment was not addressed to the Malaita Provincial Government.”

“It is solely based on the information from the complainant that the police has made the decision to seize the consignment while it investigates the complaint.”

“I call on members of the public to respect the laws of the country and allow police to investigate any one who is suspicious of breaking our laws. RSIPF is an independent organisation and does not have any political affiliations. It exists to provide a safe and secure environment for the people of this country,” Acting Commissioner Mangau emphasises.