RSIPF commences ‘Operation Festive Season

2021/2022′More than 400 plus officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) from Honiara City, the Rove Police Headquarters and Guadalcanal Province today commenced the ‘Operation Festive Season 2021/2022 provide security in Honiara City and Guadalcanal Province during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.Officers of the RSIPF in other provinces throughout Solomon Islands have also stated similar Operations to ensure law and order, there’s security, peace and harmony in our provincial centers and the rest of the communities.The operations throughout the country will focus on traffic to stop drink driving, anti-social behavior including causing nuisances and noise, gender based violence and safe travelling on our waters.Commissioner of Police Mr Mostyn Mangau says, “RSIPF officers in Honiara City, Guadalcanal Province and from the Rove Police Headquarters commenced the Operation today with the aim of curbing any antisocial activities within the capital city and parts of Guadalcanal Province. The Operation has started today (23 December 2021) and will end on 2 January 2022.”“Let me remind our good people in Honiara City and Guadalcanal Province that as we celebrate the festive season let us do it with a sense of belonging and respect for one another. Christmas is a time for sharing, forgiving and accepting one another.”Commissioner Mangau adds, “As a lot of people are traveling to their home islands for the festive season, let us be reminded of the sea safety regulations and warnings. Those travel safety warnings are very important for all of us. Before you plan to travel by sea or land transport, pause for a moment and assess the risk factors and other underlying threats that may arise.”“I would like to thank all the citizens of Honiara including members of the Crime Prevention Committees, business houses and other stakeholders resident in the nation’s capital for your support and cooperation during 2021. Your Police look forward to the same support and cooperation in the New Year 2022,” says Mr Mangau.Other PPCs throughout the country have also appealed to people in their provinces to celebrate the Christmas and New Year festivities with respect, peace and maintenance of law and order, and to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas


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