RSIPF confiscates alcohol from vessel in Malaita Province

With the festive season looming, police in the southern and eastern regions of Malaita Province have started an operation code named “Atomakato” to ensure illegal alcohol is not sold in the communities of both regions.

And “Operation Atomakato” which includes officers from Atori, Maka’a and Atoifi, has already scored an early goal – 121 cartons of assorted alcohol were confiscated on the landing craft (LC) Gulatatae when it stopped at Afio on Tuesday 3 December 2019.

Officer-in-Charge of Atori Police Station, Staff Sergeant Robert Kwaeria says: “The 121 cartons of alcohol were confiscated after those people who owned the alcohol were not able to produce any license to sell alcohol in the eastern and southern regions.”

“Police did not make any arrests but the people owning the cartons of alcohol have been given 14 days to follow up with the Malaita Provincial Liquor Licensing Board to obtain a liquor licence to sell the alcohol. Failing this Police will seek advice from the Magistrates Court on how to dispose of the alcohol,” Staff Sergeant Kwaeria explains.

He adds: “We have experienced during the past festive seasons a lot of alcohol sold through black market outlets disturbing families who have gone home to enjoy their festive season with other relatives in their villages.”

“I call on people in the communities of the southern and eastern regions of Malaita Province to cooperate with the police to cease such illegal activities such as selling alcohol without a licence so we can celebrate the coming festive season in a peaceful and crime free manner.”


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