RSIPF farewells SIPDP Commander

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) has thanked the outgoing Commander of the Solomon Island Development Program (SIPDP) John Tanti for the great work he had done towards capacity building of the RSIPF during his three-year term.
Commander Tanti was farewelled during the weekly RSIPF Commissioner’s parade held at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara today (9 January 2020).
RSIPF Acting Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says, “On behalf of the Executive and ranks and files of the RSIPF I would like to take this time to thank you for the work you have done during the past years in capacity building within the Force.”
“We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the RSIPF. I understand it’s not an easy task as some may like to think but for us you are an asset to the RSIPF in terms of capacity building. The outgoing Commander Tanti was given the opportunity to inspect the parade and presented him with a gift,” says Mr Mangau.
Commander Tanti commenced working in the Solomon Islands on 2 August 2016 as the Commander of the Participating Police Force (PPF) – Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI). In October 2016, he was sworn in as Deputy Commissioner of the RSIPF, a commission which has never been withdrawn but ceased to have effect on 20 June 2017 with the conclusion of RAMSI.  
Commander Tanti managed the activities of the PPF throughout the vital last year of RAMSI which included numerous PPF deployments for search and rescue operations, crisis response and coal face policing activities.
Between January 2017 and June 2018, Mr Tanti managed the RAMSI base decommissioning exercise. His focus was on transitioning RAMSI capability and buildings to RSIPF saw a significant growth in RSIPF buildings and capability.  
On 1 July 2017, Commander Tanti commenced the Solomon Islands Police Development Program, or SIPDP, as it is more commonly known in Solomon Islands.    
The SIPDP is a four-year program, which commenced July 2017. The SIPDP is focused on three main program pathways — Institutional Strengthening and Capability, Community Level Service Delivery, and Stakeholder Collaboration. The bilateral Australian – Solomon Islands Government (SIPDP) program comprises close to 50 advisors, including Australian and Solomon Island’s nationals.
Under Commander Tanti’s leadership, SIPDP has completed more than 40 capacity building projects on top of their main activity of providing mentorship and support to RSIPF officers throughout every business area of the organisation.
In addition to building significant technical capability for the RSIPF, Commander Tanti and his staff implemented a number of key refurbishments to RSIPF infrastructure. These projects were funded by RAMSI and SIPDP during Commander Tanti’s tenure. These include; –
Building the National Family Violence Coordination office
Renovating the Sexual Assault Team (SAT) offices
Rebuilding the Police Call Centre
Refurbishing the Police Operations Command office (crucial for the National General Election)
Building and handing over Naha Police Station, RSIPF Fire Station, Central CID Investigations Building, Constructing a workplace for Professional Standards and Internal Investigations section  and developing the RSIPF Central Station Precinct
Built office accommodation for the RSIPF NCID, CID and built a Transnational Crime Unit / Interpol National Central Bureau office building
Negotiated gifting and secured delivery of three replacement Fire trucks for RSIPF Fire Service
Built a new Vehicle workshop, band room,  exhibits and archive building
Built three school buildings in Malaita
Invested in refurbishing the Police Park
Built a classroom, PRT barracks and an armoury in Malaita and Gizo to support forward deployment of PRT staff throughout the Solomon Islands
Commenced an RSIPF Wellness Program and built RSIPF Gymnasiums in NRD, the RSIPF gymnasium and the Fire/ Rescue training facility
Renovation of Police Club and Rove Oval

Commander Tanti also supported the RSIPF in delivery of front line policing services for the Government and people of Solomon Islands, both within the last year of RAMSI but more significantly, during the first two and a half years of RSIPF being the sole provider of law enforcement services for the people of Solomon islands. The most significant operational deliverable included the success of the RSIPF operation during the 2019 National General Election.

Commander Tanti is proud of the achievements during his tenure and leaves the Solomon Islands with a heavy heart, but a sense of achievement.
Outgoing Commander Tanti will be replaced by new SIPDP Commander Mark Ney.


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