RSIPF Fire and Rescue conducts training for Soltuna employees in Western Province

The Soltuna cannery at Noro in the Western Province should now be able to deal with a fire incident following the completion of a nine-day training program on the use of fire extinguishers and structural firefighting held at Noro from 9 to 19 October 2020.

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Fire and Rescue Service in Honiara travelled to Noro to conduct the training for 142 senior fire brigade members as well as new officers at the Soltuna cannery.

Director of the RSIPF Fire and Rescue Service Inspector Stephen Dekyi says, “The participants were shown how to apply firefighting streams as spray and fog at fires. These techniques are used to find the severity of heat in a given building before making a decision on what firefighting tactics can be used. Participants were also shown how to operate firefighting nozzles and roll hoses.”  

“This group of participants were fortunate to have included in their training the intermediate firefighting training which comprises of some intermediate subjects of structural firefighting.”

“This is important due to the fact that every small fire grows bigger if not successfully extinguished by the firefighter. The participants will now be to assist members of the Noro Fire Brigade in the event of a big structural fire occurring at the Soltuna cannery plant, compound and other company premises in the Noro township,” says Inspector Dekyi.

He adds, “We believe that with the new capabilities as a result of the training, employees of Soltuna are capable of fighting any fire occurring inside the cannery compound and externally. Soltuna has the highest number of trained firefighters in their organisation compared to others.”

“RSIPF Fire and Rescue Service would like to acknowledge Soltuna for its ongoing support in providing basic and intermediate firefighting and safety training for its employees through its funding of the training by the RSIPF Fire and Rescue Service,” says Inspector Dekyi