RSIPF Fire and Rescue Services train Eye Centre officers in Honiara

Fire and Rescue Services of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have provided firefighting training for staff of the Regional Eye Centre (REC) in Honiara on 4 November 2020.

Training Officer of the Fire and Rescue Services Inspector Fredy Pelebo says, “It was a basic Fire Safety and Emergency training conducted by RSIPF Fire and Rescue Services for the Regional Eye Centre (REC) at the National Referral Hospital compound in Honiara.”

“A fire and emergency equipment minor assessment was carried out during the training on the REC building. It was discovered that the emergency equipment installation are all well and functioning. The emergency alarm was tested and working, the building has emergency exit signs, emergency evacuation plans in each workstation, operation theatres, fire extinguishers, fire hose reel, clear evacuation routes, fire alarms and a safe assemble area. An Emergency Evacuation Drill Exercise was also conducted.” 

Inspector Pelebo says, “Extinguishing a fire while it is still small is an easy job and will save life and properties. And whilst doing that Fire and Rescue Service should be called otherwise the fire gets out of hand. Calling  the Fire and Rescue Service earlier  will allow us time to save what is inside the building and  extinguish the fire.”

He adds, “For some of the participants it was their first time in life to have used a fire extinguisher though they have  seen them at their workplace. Now that they have learnt how to operate them they will not hesitate to use them in the event of a small fire  at the workplace or at home or where there is a fire extinguisher. They also learnt that fire extinguishers are very effective firefighting equipment.”