RSIPF in Temotu Province appeals for responsible Christmas celebrations

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) in Temotu Province is appealing to the good people in that Province to celebrate Christmas and New Year responsibly with the true meaning of the occasion.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Temotu Province, Superintendent James Toaki says, “With only a few days before Christmas Day and about two weeks before the New Year 2020, I would like to appeal to the good people of Temotu Province to be law abiding citizens.”

“Whilst we are preparing to celebrate the two events with our families and relatives, let us be reminded of the real meaning of the two events. A lot of activities will be organised during the festive session but Police would like to encourage people to participate in a peaceful manner and with respect for one another so everyone can enjoy the activities without fear.”

“Police at the Lata and Manuopo police stations will maintain high visibility patrols and anyone involved in any unlawful activities will be arrested and dealt with accordingly,” says PPC Toaki

“I would like to remind those who are planning to earn money during the festive season to do it legally with lawful activities including the sale of legal items and stay away from black markets including the illegal sale of alcohol in the communities.”

PPC Toaki adds: “Licensed premises are reminded that any one below 21 years is not allowed to purchase alcohol at the premises or be a shop assistant selling liquor inside the licensed premise. Any licence holder breaching this law will be arrested and their licence will be recommended for suspension.”

“I am appealing to my good people of Temotu Province to work together with your police to make our province safe, secure and peaceful place to live. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year celebrations. May the good Lord keep lead us all as we work together in building peace and law and order in our communities,” says PPC Toaki.


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