RSIPF increases officers on static security at COVID-19 Quarantine Stations in Honiara

The Royal Solomon islands Police Force (RSIPF) has increased the number of its officers on static security at COVID-19 Quarantine Stations, as the Government increases its number of Stations to accommodate the repatriated citizens and foreign nationals.

The number of officers on static security duties has been increased from 15 to 25.

Assistant Commissioner National Capital and Crime Prevention, Simpson Pogeava says, “The increase of officers deployed for static duties is based on the increased number of Quarantine Stations that the repatriated citizens and foreign nationals are occupying. One hundred and twenty eight people arrived on the repatriation flight on 25 October 2020. The officers will work eight-hour shifts and two officers will man each quarantine station per shift at GBR, Chengs, Vimo, SA, Airport Motel and the National Isolation ward at the National Referral Hospital (NRH).”

“These quarantine stations must be well secured since those from the recent repatriation flights came in from high-risk countries. We are also closely monitoring each of these quarantine stations to ensure none of those who were quarantined breach any of the Quarantine Regulations,” says AC Pogeava.

He adds, “Besides the static security provided at the five quarantine stations, further officers will continue to patrol the quarantine stations to ensure that the quarantine protocols are observed by the occupants and the public.”

“RSIPF urges those in Quarantine Stations to observe all the regulations to ensure COVID-19 does not spread into our communities. Family members and members of the public are requested to stay well away from the quarantine stations for your own safety and security.”

“I want to thank my hard working officers who have continued to assist the Health workers and other staff, to ensure the quarantine stations and the Isolation Ward at the NRH remain a secured. I encourage all  officers taking on the duty of providing static security at the Quarantine Stations to maintain professionalism and stay committed to the task, as we all work together against the COVID-19 pandemic,” says ACP Pogeava.