RSIPF investigates an infanticide case in Honiara

Police at the Naha Police Station in East Honiara are investigating the discovery of the dead body of an infant at the Ranadi Dump site on 15 July 2020.

Provincial Police Commander Honiara City Chief Superintendent Stanley Riolo says, “The body of the infant was discovered by someone residing at the dump site while going through the rubbish thrown there by a Honiara City Council garbage truck on the morning of 15 July 2020.”

“As he was collecting and checking through the dumped rubbish, the man came across a yellow plastic bag. When he poured out the contents of the yellow bag, he saw newspapers wrapped around an object. When he unwrapped the newspapers, he discovered the dead body of a male baby estimated to be about six to seven months old.”

“The blood on the dead body was described as still very fresh as though the mother had delivered him early that morning,” Chief Superintendent Stanley Riolo explains.

He adds, “Police were called to the scene of the discovery and the dead body was transported to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) and confirmed dead before being taken to the morgue at the NRH.

“I want to remind young women in our communities that the action taken by the mother of the infant is illegal and anyone caught for such action will be charged for murder.Teenage pregnancy is becoming a problem in our communities but getting rid of an innocent life is not the way to deal with the issue.”

“As human beings we sometimes face challenges and make bad decisions in our lives but we need to seek help from the necessary authorities. Getting rid of an innocent life should not be an option,” says PPC Riolo.

He adds, “RSIPF would like to encourage parents to discuss issues like teenage pregnancy with both our young girls and boys and advise them to seek help from within our communities when they face the challenges of growing up during these modern times.”

Police appeal to anyone who may have any information about the mother of the dead infant to contact the Naha Police Station on phone 39647 or call the Police National Communication Centre on 23666.