RSIPF officers completed Middle Management Course in Honiara

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Honiara have completed
This year’s first Middle Management Course (MMC) is on 1st July 2022.
Participants of this course were selected from the Police Stations under the Honiara
City Police and National Traffic Department.
Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police Corporate Support Ian Bara says, “You are the
first line of leadership in the organization. You have a big responsibility in managing and
leading the lower members of the organization. You are vested with the authority to lead,
manage, and support our officers.”
“You are given the responsibility to guide and mentor our junior officers and given the
authority to conduct discipline to ensure that officers under your command are treated
fairly at all times,” says AC Bara.
“I believe you have learned a lot from this course and will deliver the knowledge of
management and leadership to other officers that will contribute to improving the
betterment of our policing strategies in this discipline organization as a role model.”
“I have no doubt that you are well prepared and ready to go back to your various work
places and implement what you have learned from the 10 days course.”
AC Bara encourages all participants to prove themselves as leaders and managers
equipped with qualities. Practice and plan your career development and build your
future so you excel through the ranks in the organization and be a future leader for
“I am confident that you will implement what you have learned from the course. Be a
change for tomorrow, don’t be shy and discouraged to show your leadership,” says AC
Ian Bara.
I want to acknowledge Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) and Australian Federal
Police (AFP) Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP) for their continuous support to RSIPF
in providing the funding to run these programs. Looking forward to more support in the
near future.