RSIPF signs Operation Order for COVID-19

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) has finalised its Operation Order COVID-19 to support other Government Ministries, in particular the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MOHMS) and other government agencies as they continue to put in place measures to prevent the virus from entering Solomon Islands.

The country is yet to record any positive COVID-19 case.

The COVID-19 Operation Order requires the RSIPF to be prepared to sustain substantial involvement at varying levels of response capability while still being able to retain its critical business as usual (BAU) function.

As the country’s leading security agency in the country, RSIPF will be on a security alert to maintain law and order in the event of any public order management issue arising from the State of Public Emergency and the subsequent Orders issued by the Government.

 Acting Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau says, “This COVID-19 Operation Order has been signed to provide support to the leading Government agencies and to maintain law and order in the country.”

RSIPF officers will be deployed and will be responsible for:

  • Over seeing a safe and secure environment for isolated and quarantined individuals and ensuring they comply with respective isolation time frames and instructions;
  • Proving security duties at identified isolation sites, quarantine sites, international quarantine sites (airport/wharfs), customary borders and critical infrastructure sites;
  • Provide escort for isolated individuals from international points of entry to COVID-19 isolation/quarantine centres as well as clinic and health facilities for testing and medical care;
  • Maintaining safe and secure environment at all other identified sites for the duration of the operation (e.g. wharfs, shops);
  • Maintain public order at the announcement of the directives from the Government that has the potential to impact on social order; and
  • Respond to any incidents of break down in law and order that may lead to serious events such as looting, rioting or targeted violence.

 “Let us all work together so our country can go through this challenge we all face. Let us follow whatever measures the Government put into place. Let us have the full understanding and cooperation of our people,” Acting Commissioner Mangau emphasizes.

He adds: “Let us remain calm and not spread false information about the COVID-19 but listen to information that is being disseminated from the Government authorities authorized to deal with this virus.”

The RSIPF has set up its Operational Centre (POC) at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara to monitor the implementation of its COVID-19 Operation Order which will link with the National Emergency Operations Centre under the National Disaster Management Office.