“RSIPF training shaped my attitude and behaviour” – RCT Mautai

Twenty seven-year-old Francina Mautai from Nakapu IslandTemotu Province is one of only 13 female the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) has recruited out of the total of 69 participants in the second group of recruits for 2019 currently undergoing training at the Police Academy at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara.

 “I wanted to join the RSIPF because back in my village we don’t have a police officer that would help serve our people and our community and the country as a whole. So when I was informed about the recruitment training by a police officer and through the media, I applied and fortunately I was accepted into the second recruit group for 2019,” says RCT Mautai.

When asked about what she thought about the current police recruitment training, Miss Mautai replies, “The training has so far helped shape my attitude and behaviour. I hope that by the end of this training I will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills as well as the duties and responsibilities of a police officer.”

“A lot of people including myself did not understand the duties and responsibilities of a police officer but after joining the police recruit training I now know that police officers are there to protect life and property and to uphold the laws of Solomon Islands.”

RCT Mautai adds:  “I want to learn more about the laws of our country so that when I become a police officer I will be able to educate our increasing youth population about crime and the consequences. I believe that one of the reasons that youth commit crime in in our country is that they are unemployed and have a very limited knowledge of our laws and the consequences if they are breached.”

 “I want to encourage more women to apply into the RSIPF and make policing a career. If you are a woman and have a goal in life to serve our people, communities and the country as a whole, the RSIPF is the place for you.”

RCT Mautai, who is still single, loves football and rugby as hobbies. She completed her Form Six Pacific Senior Secondary Certificate at the White River Community High School in Honiara in 2013.