RSIPF urges public to celebrate 42nd independence anniversary peacefully

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) calls on members of the public in Honiara and as well as throughout the country to celebrate the upcoming 42nd anniversary of Solomon Islands independence in a peaceful manner with respect for each other and our laws.

The Solomon Islands Government has cancelled the normal official anniversary of independence celebrations in Honiara as the country continues to fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) but the public holiday will still be observed.

Acting Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau says, “RSIPF officers both in Honiara and the provincial centres will conduct operations to ensure the independence anniversary celebrations are safe and people are secure to celebrate this special occasion in the history of our nation.”

Commissioner Mangau explains: “I want to remind the good citizens of our country that as you plan your various activities whether in Honiara, in the provincial capitals or in our communities, we must plan activities that respect this special occasion.”

“Police will conduct high visibility operations in both Honiara and the provincial capitals which will include high visibility patrols to hot spots, as well as traffic checks to ensure all road users are safe and that drivers are not drunk while driving,” says Commissioner Mangau.

“We will also be cracking down on excessive noise in vehicles and at homes as well as the irresponsible drinking that always accompanies such occasions. People understandably will want to celebrate this special occasion but let us do it with respect for one another.”

Acting Commissioner Mangau adds: “Let us celebrate and avoid any disasters on our roads and on our waters. Instead we should use the occasion to thank God for his providence and guidance to our nation through our leaders at the national, provincial and community level.”

“Let us show the rest of the world that we are a peace loving country and we respect the rule of law as we take our place among the global family of nations,” Acting Commissioner Mangau emphasises.