RSIPF will conduct curfew starts 7pm tonight

The Governor-General of Solomon Islands, His Excellency has signed into effect a Declaration under the Preservation of Public Security Act and subsequent Regulations giving effect to the Declaration.

The Preservation of Public Security (No.2) Regulations 2021 (LN 334 of 2021) comes into force today and effectively declares a curfew in Honiara commencing today from 26th November 2021 from 7pm until 6am every day until revoked by the Governor-General.

The Royal Solomon Islands Force (RSIPF) calls on all citizens of Solomon Islands especially those living in Honiara to be aware and adhere to the Regulations.

Commissioner Mr.Mostyn Mangau says, “Please go back to your homes if you do not have any urgent business in the centre of Honiara City as early as possible to avoid being arrested. Anyone seen moving around after 7pm will be dealt with.”

The RSIPF calls on all parents, chiefs, church leaders, women and youth leaders to talk with their members not to take part in any illegal activities but to stay home for safety purposes.

RSIPF will continue to conduct high visibility patrols throughout Honiara day and night to make sure those planning to continue with their illegal activities will be responsible for their own actions.