Sandfly chiefs welcomes customary land recording

The Customary Land Recording in Ngella Islands had commenced in the Sandfly region, Central Islands Province. The notice to record interests in Soghonara Island customary land has been publicised pursuant to the Customary Lands Records Act upon receipt of the application by the members of the Kaukau Tribe on Sandfly.

In putting up the notice the Sandfly House of Chiefs were adamant that this work is a beginning of more work over issues on Kastom and Customary land. They welcomed the work as it will be very important to record customary interest over land and settle some issues regarding to land and its use.

President of the House of Chief, Chief Noel Mano thank the National Government and Provincial Government in ensuring that the process commences smoothly. The President also urges authorities to support the work of the chiefs at the community level. It is understood that the Central Islands Provincial Government had endorsed and declared that Central Province is a land recording area and that the Ministry of Lands is facilitating the recording process together with Solomon Islands Resources Facility supported by the Australian Government.