SI can be a top tourist destination says PM

Solomon Islands have the potential to develop itself into one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the region.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare highlighted this during the launching of the Tourism in Focus 2020 at the Heritage Park Hotel on Friday 24.

Prime Minister Sogavare said the tourism industry has the potential to become the main revenue earner for this country.

“We must also acknowledge, and more importantly address the impediments that hinders the tourism sector through strategic and collaborative approaches,” he said.

“We must see the growth of the tourism sector as an important catalyst for the development of various industries and sectors such as infrastructure, accommodation, arts, entertainment, culture, wildlife, agriculture, marine, just to name a few.”

The Prime Minister said the DCGA Government has placed its commitment to have a SIG-wide approach for the development of the productive sectors including tourism.          

As such, Prime Minister Sogavare said we must address the challenge that we face in terms of our infrastructure both at national and provincial levels.

“DCGA is also serious in facilitating access to investable land for interested investors, and marketing and promoting the destination internationally with very limited resources. There is an urgent need to address these challenges in order to elevate tourism to be a key part in the development plans for economic progress and growth in the short and medium term for the country,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said tourism development is captured under the productive sector in the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (“DCGA”) Policy and Translation Document.

He said DCGA recognizes the important role that tourism can play in developing our country.

The Prime Minister said with the decline in logging industry the need and urgency to diversify into other sectors is more pronounced than ever.

“In terms of DCGA Government’s commitment to improving and developing infrastructure to support tourism growth, the focus of the 2020 budget on priority projects such as the submarine cable, international airport upgrade, domestic airport upgrades, the re-establishment of DBSI and the 2023 Pacific Games will have direct impact by establishing necessary infrastructures,” he said.


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  1. We need to recognise and create the enabling environment for such industry to grow. This is where the government policies and road map should be clearly defined – key priority areas of development.

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