SI nationals flock Wellington mission to renew passports

Close to a hundred Solomon Islands Nationals residing in New Zealand have visited the Solomon Islands High Commission Office in Wellington to renew their passports after a month since the High Commission offers passport renewal service.

A statement from the Wellington Mission said Solomon Islands citizens around New Zealand submitted their passport renewal applications and the High Commission have so far enrolled and uploaded data of eighty (80) SI Passport renewal applications as of 31 May 2021.

Since end of May, the High Commission have successfully enrolled and uploaded data of almost a hundred SI Passports for renewal.

Besides citizens residing in Wellington, the High Commission received applications from Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Palmerston and even as far as Alexandra in the Southern Island and from Paihia in the Northlands. About SBD85, 000.00 was collected in renewal fees.

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President of the Waikato Solomon Islands Community Mrs Leonora Rotomane Houma thanked the Solomon Islands Government through its Wellington Mission for facilitating passport services to those that need the service.

‘’A big thank you on behalf of the Waikato Solomon Islands community to the SI High Commission Office in Wellington for facilitating passport applications for those of us who need the service. Hats off to our SI officer who had to travel during Covid pandemic to make this process possible for Solomon Islanders in NZ.  Thank you tumas for all the support during our time in Wellington – God bless,” she said.

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The service also timely for some of Solomon Islands Recognised Seasonal Employers – (RSE) Scheme workers.

Mr. Desmond Kalibiu who works under the Southern Cross Horticulture from Tauranga flew into Wellington to renew his passport.

Mr. Kalibiu thanked the Solomon Islands Government through the High Commission office for extending the service to New Zealand as it really helps especially with their extension of work contracts in New Zealand.

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The High Commission office will continue to provide the service until 29 June before the Immigration Officer returns home at the end of the month.

The High Commission Office thanked all Solomon Islands Citizens in New Zealand for the continuous support and cooperation and look forward to continuing in assisting and supporting them out, mainly to those who need passport renewal services.

Acting High Commissioner, Mr. John Mark Kemakeza, and Immigration Official Mrs. Elizabeth Toliliu oversees the service.

For more detailed information about the service please visit the Solomon Islands High Commission website on: Link:


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