SICA acknowledge citizens for clean up

The Solomon Islands Chinese Association, its executive, members of the Association and the Chinese community wish to sincerely acknowledge and thank all the good people and residents of this country, who had come out in numbers to help with the clean up following the aftermath of recent widespread looting and burning. This includes a good number of business houses, organisations and groups. Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

We also wish to thank all those who had sent messages and words of support, which is still continuously coming through extending their sorrow and sympathy to us, both locally and internationally. As we mentioned in our recent Press Release, we still have faith that good will always prevail over evil and that despite this tragic event, the majority of us Solomon Islanders and residents are peace loving and God- fearing people.

The huge support by the Australian and Papua New Guinean governments in providing personnel to support RSIPF is much appreciated. The continuous security provided by members of the RSIPF and PRT, together with that of the many securities and ordinary people, are also commendable, despite the very hostile and challenging situations faced by them.

The support, love and care shown by all of you are overwhelming and very heart-warming indeed, during our difficult time now.

God bless you all and Solomon Islands from shore to shore.



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  1. Thank you everyone for volunteering to clean up the city. It is truly amazing to see good hearted people showing up.

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