SICCI, MAL to host information session for businesses

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) will be hosting an information session for members of the business community tpday.

SICCI, on behalf of its members, is pleased to host businesses at the Agriculture information session starting 11:00am at the Heritage Park Hotel.

This session will result in SICCI members, and other interested businesses being updated on important changes related to import as regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Global developments with mounting concerns regarding African swine flu have resulted in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) undertaking some important measures.

Officials from MAL will clarify during this information session what these important changes are, so that businesses can understand how it relates to their operations.

“SICCI is the peak body representing private sector in the Solomon Islands, therefore it is our duty to convene such events which try to bridge any information gaps. We support and encourage constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors.

“SICCI sees that these kinds of events contribute to maintaining predictability in business conditions,” SICCI Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Atenasi Ata, said.

The African swine flu, while harmless to humans, is fatal and highly contagious in pigs, with the potential to devastate the swine industry in the Solomon Islands and the Pacific if measures are not taken to contain it. It is highly contagious and there is no cure.

The SICCI CEO also emphasizes the value of engagement of the private sector when regulatory bodies develop and implement new measures.

“It is not ideal when regulatory changes are developed with no consultation or prior information flow maintained to the wider business community. The private sector thrives by being kept up to date on changes that impact on operations.

“Further, with their extensive networks in the country businesses can also contribute to swift remedial actions to address threats,” Ms Ata said.

SICCI looks forward to hosting more information sessions this year to keep businesses in tune with issues that might affect them and encourages interested businesses from the wider community to attend.


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