SICTU met with SINU unions

From 10AM to 11:30AM a meeting was held in the Lecture Theater at Kukum Campus.

SICTU and WUSI reps were speaking on behalf of their offices on how they perceive the situation and what steps they will take to address the issues in a fair and transparent manner. An approach that is free from politics, bias and independent.


SICTU have confidence in the two unions and the allegations because they are serious in nature and coming from people that are “educated”. The fact that the issues escalated to reach this level (strike); is serious and SICTU must step in to assist.

SICTU also reaffirmed the legality of the two unions. Therefore, the previous claim in a press release written by the Vice Chancellor/Council that the two unions being illegal seemed untrue.

One can ask, why the VC/Council attack this bit? Why shut down what has been recognized in the SINU act and enacted by the parliament of Solomon Islands? Is this the main issue? Or is it just irrelevant – a tactic to dismissed the allegations?

The Solomon Islands Herald, also aware that a meeting being scheduled for 12pm right after. It will be an important one since all that have been agreed upon in the auditorium will be brought before the council for discussion.

Ask what have been agreed upon collectively for discussion, it’ll be the suspension of the VC for an indefinite period of time whilst the investigation is undertaken by an independent committee. The VC not only suspended but must leave the country on an unpaid leave when this exercise being carried out.

We will watch this closely as the issue unfold in the coming days.