SIG launches new online portal on the internet

Opinion by Frank Short: With project backing by way of funding from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Solomon Islands Government this Monday launched its new online gateway portal on the internet.

The portal will make it much easier to find information about the SIG and the many services it provides.

A government statement said the SIG web presence and Mobile App is a digitized channel that enables government services to reach citizens through the use of modern technology.

It brings the government closer to its citizens through readily available information in a central online location and accessible on mobile phones,” the statement said.

Web presence will replace one-way information publishing with two-way communications, therefore, improving the way citizens and public servants interact with the government,” it added.

Visitors and the international community and governments will now be able to access accurate information about the Solomon Islands Government in a “one-stop” online shop at .

The significant step by the SIG, aided by DFAT, is a welcome one in progressing digital transformation and e-governance.

Congratulations are due, as well as thanks to Australia for funding the project.

Frank Short, Bangkok, Thailand