Sogavare must resign, “honiara-based” Malaitans demanded

Mr Sogavare, we the Honiara Based Malaitans Make the Following Statement

We cannot call you Honourable, because you are not.

1) End of July we presented a petition but you pretended not to receive it.

2) End of August we presented another petition but you directed your SSPM to receive it.

3) One week later your office issued a statement saying you will only deal with “Malaita Provincial Government”

4) On 27 October you attempted through your proxies to overthrow the legitimate elected MARA government.

It is clear that you hide behind your office and get other people to do your dirty work.

First you deny receiving a peaceful and lawful petition.

Second you make your servants receive it.

Third you distract attention by saying “we talk to Malaita government”

Fourth you try to make a pet Malaita government so that it becomes “your Malaita government”.

From August to November you hid behind your SSPM and your Malaita MPs to try to overthrow MARA and make a new pet government in Malaita.

You ordered the Police force in Auki to “break the crowd”. And you called them “useless” when there was no riot in Auki.

Mr Sogavare it is clear you love violence and riots and chaos. After all, this is how you first became Prime Minister in 2000, then again in 2006. You are obviously still a war monger to this day. You again became Prime Minister in 2014 and 2019 by playing grasshopper politics, running as an independent candidate then manipulating MPs to join you under a coalition party that serves your self interest.

Now we have come to you directly and peacefully and you ordered the police to fire on our people. When they react, then you lock down Honiara and blame our people.

But there was no riot in Auki last month. Why? Because there is good leadership in Auki, Mr Sogavare. And you are a useless leader.

You are proud. You are frightened. You are selfish. You live through lies and stealing. You take from our public servants and give to your waku friends. You bribe and con and even worse, you spread your poison to those around you.

There are too many examples under our noses Mr Sogavare. And your arrogance to steal and lie in front of our faces is getting worse. Every word you say and every move you make is just another clear example that you are killing Solomon Islands and our people and you don’t know how to do anything different.

Mr Sogavare, this is why you must resign.