Solomon Islands intensifies travel restrictions to contain COVID-19

The Solomon Islands Government is intensifying travel restrictions to and from the country as a measure to prevent COVID-19 from entering into the country.

Solomon Islands so far is among few countries in the world that still record zero cases of COVID-19 since the global outbreak early this year.

In the latest Travel Advisory on 21st March, the Government has introduced strict new travel restrictions and revised travel advice which is subject to change at short notice due to the developing nature of the Public Health Emergency Notification for intending travellers.

The latest advisory has immediately prohibited all non-citizens from entering into the Solomon Islands.

Incoming Solomon Islands Citizens and residents who travelled through any country that has reported cases of COVID-19(Coronavirus) will be permitted to enter but will undergo mandatory strict quarantine for 14 days. Upon arrival all travelers and crew must provide details of their international travel history for the period of 14 days prior to arrival in Solomon Islands.

Any traveler or crew who is preparing to travel to the Solomon Islands should self-assess their health, and if thought to display symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, are strongly advised not to travel.

Any air crew upon or after arrival in the Solomon Islands is mandated to report to Health authorities if they become unwell and display symptoms of the COVID-19 during the 14-day period after arrival.

The travel advisory further required the pilot or ship master of all aircraft/ vessels coming to Solomon Islands to report, upon arrival, presence of any sick person on board (symptoms or signs of flu, running nose, fever, headache, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, or rash) using the health declaration part of aircraft general declaration or Maritime Declaration of Health as applicable.

All persons including crew arriving in Solomon Islands either by air or sea MUST complete a Traveler’s Public Health Declaration Card.

All travellers arriving in Solomon Islands will be quarantined for 14 days and are mandated to report presence or development of any symptoms within 14 days of arrival in Solomon Islands.

Persons suspected of or displaying any symptoms of the COVID-19 will be isolated and subjected to future diagnosis or tests by Health Authorities. Any quarantine/ isolation station and period shall be determined and/or directed by Health Authorities.

All incoming travellers MUST complete a Travellers Public Health Declaration and also provide full details of their place of stay, travel itinerary and current personal contact details in Solomon Islands for 14 days after their arrival in Solomon Islands.

Any person found to be providing false information to the Solomon Islands Government will be prosecuted under the relevant laws of Solomon Islands and this may include imprisonment or deportation.

The Government has also activated additional measures specific to incoming maritime vessels and crafts.

The Solomon Islands Government has currently designated only Honiara and Noro Ports as the only approved Entry and Exit Points of Clearance. No cruise liners and yachts are allowed to enter the country for a period of 90 days. All cargo ships, including all logging, mineral ores and fishing vessels must serve the 14 day period off shore and can only be cleared after that period.

Clearance under be conditioned to presentation of mandatory minimum documentation as requested by the Solomon Islands Government.

Meanwhile the Government has maintained a “No Travel” restriction upon all members of Parliament and Government Officials while Solomon Islands Citizens and Residents are advised to avoid or defer non-essential travel overseas.

Travel Advisories and information related to travel can be found on the following websites: ;  ;